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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Case For Diversity!

I hope you have enjoyed the articles posted here at BSN. In the coming weeks we will hear from more of our BSN friends as they share with you their heart for unity and diversity. First and foremost we hope to encourage ministry leaders to come together, step outside of their comfort zone and establish relationships with someone you might not normally connect with unless you are intentional.

A few weeks ago Marc and I met up with our favorite pastor friends David and Cheryl for lunch. We actually met over twenty years ago while Marc was stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. We were the only black couple in the community in need of a church home. Cheryl and David took us under their wing and treated us like family. While Marc served his country away at Dessert Storm, Cheryl, David and our small community took care of me and my three small kids. In the grand scheme of things we really should never have come into contact with one another. It would have been far more routine for Marc and I to seek out a church that looked like "us". Instead we stepped outside of our comfort zone and joined a small rural church in Riley Kansas where no one looked like us! This could have easily turned into an uncomfortable situation had the members of Crossroads Baptist Church not chosen to welcome us into their fold. Instead they embraced us without question, loved on us and treated us like one of God's children. In other words....they showed us the hands and feet of Jesus!

It was in fact at Crossroads Baptist Church where Marc did his first sermon, and it was Pastor David who licensed him for the ministry! To this day because of the welcome extended towards us by the church, its members, and the community of Riley that Kansas holds such a special place in my family's heart.  Years later our friendship continues and we are very thankful, grateful and honored to call them our spiritual parents in the faith!

Never underestimate the power of being intentional in your relationships with others! It has the possibility to form great friendships, community love, and in our case....a heart to serve in ministry!

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