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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are You Afraid of The Dark?

Pastor David and I met via the blog world! I believe our first conversation started over the issue of diversity. Through his blog I came into contact with Pastor Shaun, Pastor Marvin and Pastor Scott and eventually connected with them and others via twitter and facebook. I don't believe any of these men realize how much their conversations about diversity in the church effected the path I have now taken, or the fact they were willing to discuss ministry and leadership with me gave me the courage to speak out on the subject of unity. Pastor David is frank and upfront about his passion for a church for "all" people. Out of his love for people far from God he will soon launch "Soul Purpose Church". You can connect with David on twitter and facebook. 

We need to look head-on into race and Christianity.
The church shouldn’t go around saying that we should be colorblind.
If God was colorblind, we would all be the same color!!

We should learn to value one another.
Just because a person’s Black/White/Hispanic doesn’t mean that they are some sort of lower class Christian.
We have to make strides in understanding each other and learning how to effectively communicate.

Too many walls have been built in the name of the Lord that keep Black/White/Asian/Hispanic Christians away from each other.
Fear and mistrust must be replaced by love and compassion.

The world around us is steadily changing.
It’s becoming more diverse.
We must take the LEAD in building stronger communities.
We have to build relationships outside our zones of influence.

Inside the church walls we still have camps of segregation.
We have to throw out the old mindsets.
We have to refuse to be bound by old stereotypes.

Styles may differ, but your substance is forever.

 Up until I was 20 years old, I never had the opportunity to be in any church experience with someone of a different color.
Now let me tell you that I lived almost my entire life up to that point in church (choir, usher, youth leader, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday).
I had been to school with other nationalities and races.
I participated in sports and other activities also, but I never went to church with anyone other than African-Americans.

This all changed with I went one year to our local Six Flags for their annual Christian concert weekend ( I forgot what they called it).
During this weekend they had the Black Christian artists perform on Saturday and the White artists perform on Sunday (huh??).

Since my friend and I had a 2-day pass we decided to go back Sunday and hear Carmen who was scheduled to appear.

During Carmen's ministry time, there was a strong movement into worship.
The whole crowd was on their feet praising God.
I had my eyes closed and was immersing myself in the presence of God.

When I opened my eyes, everything changed.

Next to me was a young Caucasian guy.

He was worshiping God also.

Right then I realized that although we may not look the same or come from the same neighborhood.
Or like the same food, music, clothes, etc.
Despite that, this guy loves God.
And God loves him too.

In that moment all my fears and concerns about “how white people do church” were gone.
Never again could I be afraid of what I never really knew.

I’m not afraid of the dark.
Are you?

1 comment:

  1. well said, thank-you for sharing.

    I love how you say God isn't colourblind - I totally agree. Why would God create such an amazing display of diversity in every area of our world only for us to ignore it and pretend like it doesn't exist.. or worse like some of God's beautiful creation is somehow LESS? No, He created so much beauty and diversity for us to embrace and appreciate to make our world richer.

    I'm not afraid of the dark :)