A network of Pastors and Ministry Couples. Blended Souls is a gathering of "sista's" and "brotha's", from various Christian denominations, ages, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Our goal is to purposefully make an impact for change in the world by promoting unity, opportunities for ministry couples to network, and exchange ideas so that our churches can partner together within our communities. We strive to reach out to women and men from every tongue, tribe and nation!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who I Am!

I thought now would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Cyndi Jennings, I'm a retired SAHM of three adult children. My husband is the senior pastor at Woodland Ave Baptist Church, in Norfolk VA. I am the Director of our Women's Ministry and an advisor to our Youth Ministry. Marc and I have been in ministry for nearly 17 years (most of which was youth ministry). When I became a "PW" people warned me about the isolation, about the change and toll it could take on your life. And for some reason I thought I was prepared after being in ministry for soo long. Boy was I ever wrong! In the last few years I have started to truly understand the importance of connecting with women who know what its like to be in my shoes.

 If you had told me a few years ago that I would be starting a network for pastors wives I would have told you that you were crazy. But its always been a dream in my heart to some day connect pastor wives from different backgrounds with one another. At the time it was just a dream. I even blogged about this back in 2008. Since that time I have formed friendships with some amazing PW's and women in ministry. Yet, for me there was something missing. Within my own backyard there seemed to be a divide between the local church. And I'm not talking just about race. That divide also exist among denomination, among churches of different sizes and churches within the same city. Something deep inside of me says this is not ok with God. We are not in this to compete with one another.

If we can't come together as the church, how do we expect to truly impact the world? For years I have asked the question......what would happen if churches started to come together and partner for the Kingdom? How much more could we accomplish? And what if women could be that catalyst for change?

I'm not saying this is going to easy, I'm not saying its always going to be fun (but just soo you know....we will be doing fun also). I'm not sure where it will go, how big it will be (my goal was never about numbers anyway), how much of an influence it will be but whether it impacts the few or the many to come together then it will be more then I ever imagined. And if I get to connect locally with some new friends then that will be the icing on the cake. I do know this....God has placed this ministry in my heart for a reason and we are going to let him determine its destiny!

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