A network of Pastors and Ministry Couples. Blended Souls is a gathering of "sista's" and "brotha's", from various Christian denominations, ages, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Our goal is to purposefully make an impact for change in the world by promoting unity, opportunities for ministry couples to network, and exchange ideas so that our churches can partner together within our communities. We strive to reach out to women and men from every tongue, tribe and nation!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Prayer Team

From the moment I considered starting Blended Souls I knew it would require prayer. I also knew it was not something I could do alone. I've always had women in my life who prayed for me, offered advice and support....a group of "sistas" who had my back! Several women came to mind when I thought about creating a prayer team, but a few stood out when it came to the subject of racial diversity. It was important to me that this ministry was intentional when it came to the "faces" you see represented here. It was also important to me that these women have a heart for pastor wives, but more importantly that they shared in the vision that is Blended Souls. In the years to come I hope and pray that other women will step up to the plate and be willing to contribute to the ministry, but I'm very grateful for the women who make up our team.

Cheryl VanBebber is a Pastors wife from Kansas. She and her husband Pastor David have been a lifeline for Marc and I for many years (we have been friends for over 21 years). It was at Crossroads Baptist Church, in Riley Kansas that my husband first begin his journey as a minister. Cheryl is the most down to earth, non-nonsense, humble PW that I know. She was one of the first PW's that I met that didn't fit into the typical stereotypical mold of a pastor wife. I love this women to life.

Alida Sharp and her husband Tom are missionaries working in Belize! We have been "virtual" friends for nearly four years (wow, I had not realized it had been that long). I happen to think Alida is amazing! Her and Tom are high school sweethearts, and world travelers. They recently moved from Russia to Belize where Tom and Alida work in the area of Christian Recovery. Alida has been a prayer partner, a confidant, a true "sista" friend. Thanks to Alida and Tom I have gained a new respect for missionaries and the life of a missionary family.

Last but certainly not least...there is Miss.Tara Robertson! Tara and I "met" through a PW group that I connected with the first year that Marc and I started at WABC. Tara is a SAHM of three beautiful children, a blogger, PW and is a virtual assistant and social media manager. Tara and I have had some intense conversations about race and racism today. She keeps us on track with our mission and she has a heart for hurting women and children. I have loved getting to know this extraordinary, and brave woman.

I find it no accident that God placed these women from varying backgrounds, ministry's and locations into my life. I am soo grateful for their support, their prayer and their commitment to this ministry. We are looking for more women to add to our team, both locally and abroad. This ministry is not about any one person. Our hope is that these connections will provoke conversations, friendships, awareness and unity. If you are interested in contributing to this ministry in any way please contact us @blendedsoulsnetwork@gmail(.)net .

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