A network of Pastors and Ministry Couples. Blended Souls is a gathering of "sista's" and "brotha's", from various Christian denominations, ages, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Our goal is to purposefully make an impact for change in the world by promoting unity, opportunities for ministry couples to network, and exchange ideas so that our churches can partner together within our communities. We strive to reach out to women and men from every tongue, tribe and nation!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

We are each others keeper!

This is my response to the events in the news the last few months!" We must learn to live together as brothers (and sistas) or perish together as fools". Martin Luther King Jr

When I first started this group my goal was to bring ministry couples together to learn and work with one another to solve issues of race and bigotry in our communities. My thought was that if we the leaders/pastors of churches could not learn to dialogue and work together how could we ask our church members or our community or our government to do so.  Looking back now I didn't have a clue of how much of a divide there was among Christians when it comes to race. It pains me to see the hate spewed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from "good" Christian brothas and sistas towards each other. It pains me even more to see such little regard for life, or compassion for those who have lost a loved one no matter the circumstances! Even if you do not agree with the way the events occurred I don't know how in the world you cannot grieve for the mothers, fathers, siblings, friends and family who have lost their love one. 

This smacks in the face of everything I believe our Abba Father stands for! Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly! If one of my brothas and sistas is in pain and I can't feel compassion for them then how can I stand before Christ one day and say I lived out my purpose? If your black brothas and sistas say the events happening right now are hurting us to the core then believe them. You don't have to bleed to understand when you see blood that it hurts. And right now our communities are not just hurting they are bleeding (profusely)! 

 And lastly to my black sistas and brothas in The Lord....don't lump every white sista and brotha with the same brush as all. I know too many who love us and want to comfort us during this time of grief. But many are afraid or are not sure what to say or do for fear of being misinterpreted . This is why BlendedSouls  was created in the first place....because if we don't learn to communicate with one another, if we don't learn to work together for good then we most assuredly will fall!! 


  1. Very well stated ... you know where my heart is and always will be, a heart filled with much love and prayers always for each of my brothers and sisters. Love you!